Logistics Success Story

We developed a forecasting and logistics management system for e-grocery deliveries for one of the largest retailers in Latin America,reducing picking costs by 30% and transportation costs by 20%, boosting labor productivity by 50%, and increasing on-time performance in one-hour slots from 50% to 90%.

The system main features comprise demand forecasting, labor and transportation planning, customer slot assignment, and dynamic picking and transportation task assignment and routing. Additional features include order tracking and KPI dashboards. The system runs in AWS and is fully integrated to existing in-house and third-party systems.

Artificial intelligence

In order to bring artificial intelligence to thousands of clients, we developed a product In a joint venture with ERP provider SIESA.It is fully compatible with the SIESA ecosystem of solutions and seamlessly integrates on the client side.

It exposes a series of artificial intelligence models that assist clients in decision-making processes to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and boost sales.The algorithms offered in the product are: sales forecasting, customer lifetime value prediction, churn rate prediction, personalized product recommendation & market basket analysis.

product: Mutek Omnisage

In 2020 we started a project with Colombia's largest bank, Bancolombia.We originally planned to build a data lake to store all digital interactions with the bank's customers.

The main channels for data collection included the Bancolombia website, transactional website and application, a survey platform, and their Data Management Platform BlueKai. Along the way, we recognized the project stretched much further than the initially planned data lake:We designed an adaptable architecture in order to effortlessly keep adding data sources, an identity resolution engine to integrate all interactions to unique users, and an easily consumable data repository to which Bancolombia teams can connect to analyze data. Upon finishing the project, we realized we built a fully functional Customer Data Platform!

Technology 4.0 at the service of sustainability

EcoRegistry is a blockchain-based pioneer platform in Latin America for issuing, monitoring, and cancelling carbon credits in order to contribute to the mitigation of climate change.The platform facilitates registration of projects and carbon offsets, contributing to the simplicity, transparency, and traceability of information in the carbon market.

EcoRegistry is created to boost and provide reliability to carbon trade, aiming to fight against climate change.

sustainable asset trading

Eco-Trade is a multi-type asset trading platform built to dynamize the market of sustainable assets.It is designed to withstand a high number of concurrent transactions because we believe that in the near future the market will reach maturity, and therefore it is key to have a strong technological infrastructure to assist growth.